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Josh Bradley’s New Book:

“Capital Confidence Plan”

Mapping out your simple path to a confident retirement


"Capital Confidence Plan:
Discover how we help individuals and families achieve their ideal retirements"

By Josh Bradley

Managing Partner And Financial Advisor at Capital City Financial Planners

Whether it takes the form of our most intense passions or our deepest fears, our identities are greatly influenced by the lessons we learn throughout our lives. Those experiences, both good and bad, provide much-needed perspective on our current situations.

Josh Bradley is no exception to that truth. A managing partner and financial advisor at Capital City Financial Planners, Josh witnessed his grandparents nearly lose everything they’d spent their entire lives working toward when sky-high long-term care expenses threw a monkey wrench into their retirement plans. Watching that unfold changed everything, both personally and professionally, for Josh, and he drew on that experience when writing “Capital Confidence Plan.”

As Josh explains, too many individuals fall into one of two categories: those who don’t realize they won’t have enough to retire until it’s too late, and others who are unaware that they have enough to retire earlier than they planned. By utilizing the plan outlined in his new book, Josh simplifies the retirement process and shows how you can pursue a retirement plan you can feel confident in.

Other insights you’ll find within the pages of “Capital Confidence Plan”:

  • Determining whether you’ll have enough money to retire
  • Protecting yourself from rising taxes
  • Winning by simply not losing
  • Understanding health care’s impact on retirement
  • Crafting a legacy plan that covers every base
  • … and much more!

Download “Capital Confidence Plan” today –
and get ready to simplify your retirement!

Josh Bradley

Hard copy available for purchase on Amazon