How can I ensure that I have enough in retirement? Here are three key considerations to help ensure that you have enough.

A lot of retirees or soon-to-be retirees have some of the same or similar concerns.

You may find yourself wondering if you are going to run out of money, or if you will be able to retire comfortably? Regardless
of your individual situation, at Capital City Financial Partners, we believe that everyone deserves a sound
and secure retirement – one that you know will last as long as you do and one where you have the
freedom to live the lifestyle that you desire.

The first area to cover is ensuring that you have enough income. We spend a large part of our lives
knowing that a paycheck will be coming every two weeks or every month. When we retire, our
paychecks stop but unfortunately, our expenses do not go away. Many people think they need less
income when they retire, however, that may not necessarily be true. Our advisors spend a great deal of
time and effort helping our clients create strategies designed to help protect their income sources so
that they can feel more confident in the income they will be generating during their retirement years.

Secondly, we want to help you ensure that your retirement assets are not taking too much risk. When
you are in the retirement danger zone, it is no longer the time to be taking on the same risk that you did
when you were in your 40’s or even your 50’s. Far too many people we meet think that they have scaled
back their risk exposure, however they go on to find out that they really have not. You must know your
risk number and know it before it is too late. We would love to help you find out what your number is
and how you can make sure you do not go past it.

Taxes are a huge part of retirement. Last but not least, we want to talk with you about ways you can
reduce the effect of taxes in retirement. We all must pay our share of taxes, but there is no reason to
pay a dime more than what we have to.

For more information on these three keys of de-risking your retirement, click here to watch our webinar replay
by one of our financial advisors, Michael Coleman. Schedule a complimentary meeting today to go over
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