I am coming up on retirement – How do I prepare?

If you are within 5 years of retirement, now is the time to start planning for the new phase of life you may find yourself entering soon.  

Just like anything, there may be some unexpected bumps in the road, and you want to make sure your retirement is as stress-free and taken care of as possible. One of the first & major parts of planning for retirement is understanding what you are spending on a monthly basis.  

If you don’t know your monthly expenses, find that out todayTake some time and go over what you find yourself spending monthly and then compare that with what your anticipated monthly retirement income will be. How do they align?  

If you feel like your monthly spending is toeing the line with what you will be bringing in in retirement, just remember, there is always room for improvement.  

Once you know what you’re spending, take some time to look at each expense and see what changes you are willing to make. 

Maybe there are some memberships you aren’t using anymore, or you’re ready to downsize your home. The options really are endless. 

After that – If you still feel uneasy about where you stand, reach out to a member of our team to discuss our retirement income planning strategies. A member of our team will be able to walk you through income strategies, tax-efficient strategies to consider, as well as long-term care strategies, and more!  

Call the Capital City Financial team today at (803) 782-0671 to schedule your complimentary, no-obligation meeting to receive your Capital Confidence Plan.

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