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Optimize Your Retirement – Complimentary Dinner & Presentation


April 6


6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Optimize Your Retirement: The Secure Act & What Impact Will It Have On Your Retirement Strategy?

Discussion Highlights Include:

  • Tax Planning: how the biggest change to the US tax code in over 30 years could impact you, your family, and your legacy for years to come; creative ways you may be able to use the new tax code to move money into tax-free accounts at reduced rates
  • Retirement Income: how to help your investments earn enough to maintain your standard of living; the importance of distribution planning (understanding the rules may allow you to reduce your risk and keep and keep more of your heard-earned money!
  • Income Securities: how to help offset the effects of inflation on your income
  • Market Conditions: how to help earn more on your fixed income investments as interest rates rise; how to help protect your investments from market volatility
  • Fee Reduction: how to analyze and potentially reduce your investment fees; how to understand the true cost of your investment accounts
  • Fiduciary Advisor: what it means and how it benefits investors

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