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New Tax Laws Effective in 2018: What Could This Mean For You And Your Retirement? (Complimentary Dinner Seminar)


January 15, 2019


6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

You and a guest are cordially invited to a complimentary dinner and presentation on the various obstacles and opportunities in today’s economy and how they could impact your retirement strategy, presented by Josh Bradley, Managing Partner of Capital City Financial.

We will provide fresh ideas including some innovative strategies that could not only help reduce your risk, but also potentially lower your taxes and increase the amount of income you receive in retirement.

Discussion Highlights Include:
Tax Planning – how the biggest change to the US tax code in over 30 years could impact you, your family, and your legacy for years to come; creative ways you may be able to use the new tax code to move money into tax-free accounts at reduced rates
Retirement Income – how to help your investments earn enough to maintain your standard of living; the importance of distribution planning (understanding the rules may allow you to reduce your risk and keep more of your hard-earned money!)
Income Securities – how to help produce higher income in a low interest rate environment; how FDIC Insured CDs can help generate higher income than traditional Bond Funds
Inflation – how to help offset the effects of inflation on your income
Market Conditions – how to help earn more on your fixed income investments as interest rates rise; how to protect your investments from market volatility
Fee Reduction – how to analyze and potentially reduce your investment fees; how to understand the true cost of your investment accounts
Fiduciary Advisor – what it means and how it benefits investors