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How To Optimize Your Retirement For Taxes


August 6, 2019


10:30 am - 11:30 am

At this NO-COST event…

  • Learn what changed with the new tax reform law and how your retirement may be impacted
  • Identify and avoid some of the most common and costly tax mistakes many Baby Boomers make in retirement
  • Understand how lost deductions may cause your tax rate to go up (not down) in retirement
  • Discover how you may be able to reduce (or even eliminate) certain taxes (including tax on Social Security income!)

Want to learn how to optimize your retirement for taxes? This event will answer your most pressing questions!

  • Discover specific taxes you can potentially reduce or possibly eliminate with a tax efficient strategy.
  • Learn about the window of opportunity IRA & 401K owners have to leverage 2018 Tax Reform  for potentially lower retirement taxes!
  • Discover what 80% of Baby Boomers can do NOW that income taxes are lower (source)
  • Discover how sequencing withdrawals from certain retirement accounts may reduce your taxes in retirement
  • Understand how lost deductions could cause your retirement taxes to be higher than expected(and how to plan for it)
  • Learn how new changes to tax laws could affect the taxes you owe on your Social Security income!